Release Notes #2: Profile, Discover, Favorite, and More!

Release Notes #2

WatchAndChill has new stuff that'll make picking and sharing movies with your pals way easier. And we want to hear what you think, so don't be shy - tell us!

Personalize Your Space - Introducing Profiles!

Get ready to personalize your WatchAndChill journey! Now, you can view your own profile, as well as those of other users. Spice up your profile by adding a funky profile picture, showcasing your top movies, and reveling in your watch history. Plus, you'll get a sneak peek at some neat stats related to your account. Profile Page

Discover – Your Treasure Map to the Perfect Flick!

Dive into our enhanced Discover section! It's your ultimate guide to uncovering last-minute additions, what's hot this week, recently watched hits, and films that have left a mark as favorites. We have a new logo, too!

Discover Page

List Customization Just Got Real

You asked and we listened - now you can rename your watchlist! Tailor it to the vibe of your movie crew or give a quirky twist to your solo binge-watching sessions. We eagerly adding more customization options in the future, so stay tuned!

Edit List

Other changes and improvements

  • You can sign in with Github now.
  • We fixed bugs and made our app look nicer.
  • You can pick your favorite movies – find them on your profile.
  • Your list updates on everyone's devices, right when things change.
  • Sharing your list? It's safer now with a better invite system.

What's next?

  • Mix up your list with a shuffle option.
  • Making things easier for everyone to use.
  • Find the right movie quicker with new filters.
  • More ways to make your list cool.
  • Info on where to watch your chosen movies.

Big Thanks!

Thanks a ton for your ideas and support! We're working super hard to make your movie sharing the best. If you have any feedback, please conctact us on Twitter or send us an email at [email protected].