Collaborative watchlist for you and your friends.

Well, we have something that will make your movie nights even more fun and organized.


Create a list, invite your friends and start adding movies and series.


Filter movies and series, understand your group taste.

Watch Now

Open your favorite streaming service directly and start watching.


Put private notes to movies and series.
Mark as watched or favorite.


Search movies by describing it.
Get recommendations based on your taste.

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Your online shelf for movies and series

Create a private list and start mixing your taste with your friends.
Choose something to watch together!

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How to use?


Sign in

Create your personal account to unlock the magic of building and sharing a common watchlist with your friends or partner.


Create a list

After signing up, create your very own watchlist. Name it, customize it, and make it uniquely yours. This is where youll keep track of all the movies you want to watch and have watched.



Browse the movies or tv series you want to watch and add them to your list. Mark as watched, if you have already watched the movie.


Invite your friends

Collaborative watchlist is the best part of Watch and Chill. Invite your friends to your list and start choosing movies together.

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